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Going to Youmacon 2013 in Detroit, Michigan??? We'll be cosplaying Rurouni Kenshin on Friday and a (kinda) surprise cosplay on the weekend! 

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"It's the thing called friendship.
We were not able to be born on the same year, same month, and same day, but we hope to die on the same year, same month, and same day."
-Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Youmacon 2013 Part II

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 13, 2013, 10:38 AM

Make sure you check out the first part of this journal!

After the great reception we got for our Rurouni Kenshin cosplay, we were even more excited to show off our new cosplay! Who figured it out from our preview shots?

Avatar Fire Nation!!

:iconkitsunefaerie: as Ty Lee
:iconnikichi: as Azula
:icontoe-jam: as Mai
:icondarkchaos99: as Zuko
Photo taken by

But before that... we had to actually wake up. Be lucky there's no audio to go with this photo. Lindy singing us awake is... lovely. Really. Lisa's face says it all.

Once again, destroying the room as we get ready ^^;

Lisa definitely had the most work to do to get ready for this cosplay. But thankfully her outfit is a quick fit.

For those of you who are curious what she used, it's a mixture of tissue and liquid latex.

And a bit of heat to speed up the drying process.

While Lisa slaved away, Lindy goofed off practiced posing.

Okay who are we kidding, they were goofing off.

Then Lindy took a power nap lmao

Brother and sister almost ready!

Hello Youmacon!!

Heading to the COBO to do some more shopping!

We spent some more time in the dealers room :D

And we ran into Hercule and Videl, who were amazingly in character!

We also met up with friends Alyssa and Mary (who both really need a dA account to show off your awesome cosplays!!), cosplaying as fem!Zoro and fem!Sanji. They even found some more One Piece cosplayers to pose with x)
You guys looked amazing! :D So glad you could make it! :heart:

Later that night, we met up with Dana again and sat in on Chuck Huber's panel, which was incredibly funny.
A couple of us are die hard Yu Yu Hakusho fans, so you could say we were pretty excited when Chuck was announced as a guest this year! :D Especially Nicole, who's favourite character is Hiei.

But we have to admit, it's a little unnerving hearing Hiei's voice from such an upbeat and happy guy! LOL

A couple clips from the panel:

Lucky girl! haha :lol:

"Swing on the swings" LOLLL Poor John x'D

After the panel, we went to the supposed signing area in the dealers room. Little did we know that they moved the autographs. Although the organization for Youmacon was infinitely better than last year, we never said it was perfect x'D

So before we figured out the change, we aimlessly posed together :D

You're so fab, Zuzu.

Agni kai!!

Here are a couple more group pictures people took of us during the day :D

Photo found on facebook

Photo taken by

Photo found on tumblr

Back to us waiting around in the wrong area... finally we asked someone where the autographs were being held and were directed to a different area of the COBO centre. We ended up waiting for over two hours to finally see Chuck. And it was COLD. The area that the VAs were in was under construction, so a lot of the walls and doorways weren't sealed. And it was November. By the end, we were just happy to have the autograph and find somewhere warm to thaw out.

Before we started our late dinner at Volt, we un-cosplayed up in our room. Kigurumis are seriously the best invention for cosplayers haha :lol:

This picture is just so unexplainable LOL

Wondering how Lisa got that scar off? We happened to film the whole thing! LOL What are friends for if not to laugh at each other's pain rip off a latex scar for each other??

And one final picture of the day! Dana as Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean! Amazing! She looked just like her!! D:

We woke up Sunday morning feeling so rested and refreshed... only to realize that our alarm hadn't gone off!! D: We have never gotten ready as fast as we did that morning LOL

After a hectic couple of hours of running around packing and changing, we're finally ready to check out. We've never felt so awake and rested on a Sunday before! haha x'D
And we should just say that this picture doesn't even show half our luggage. It was an interesting walk to the car, that's for sure.

Checked out and with the car packed, we went back to the COBO for the final time.

This happened along the way :lol:

Heading to the train!

What is Zuko even doing here... haha

And... we just missed the train. That's pretty much the story of our lives lol So we took some photos instead :)

Good morning, Charlie!

The awkward couple x'D

And then this happened.

How this photo was actually taken haha Our behind-the-scenes are so... inventive.

Here's a good photo of the dealers room on Sunday. Still pretty full of shoppers!

Yogi from Karneval! The only Karneval cosplayer we saw all weekend D:

We kept seeing this cosplayer around and always commented on how beautiful her outfit was. Finally on Sunday, we stopped her for a picture. You can't see in this picture, but the back of her outfit is just as gorgeous as the front.

Met up with Alyssa and Mary again! This time in different cosplays :D
Hopefully your feet weren't too sore after those shoes, Alyssa!

We also met these two in the COBO. Pinkiebel is older Katara and MamaToph is older Toph. These two were seriously the coolest. And they travelled to the con from Canada, which makes them even cooler haha :lol:

Badass back lit picture of all of us!
It was so awesome meeting you two! Thanks for posing with us! Hopefully we run into each other again at another con! :heart:

Back in the RenCen we got a picture of Rin from Blue Exorcist.

We also took this photo with an adorable young Zuko.

Meanwhile Ty Lee and Azula posed for a photo together.
Photo found on facebook.

We wrapped up the day with a meal in the food court with Alyssa and Mary. It was nice to actually have a chance to sit and chill with those two since we don't get to see them very often <3 Hope you guys come to AN in May again!
Following that, we decided that we wanted to use what little sunlight we had left to grab some photos of our costumes.
While deciding what place would work best for some shots, we relaxed in the RenCen lounge.

"External flashes look a lot like tasers... Zuko come here!" LOL

Unfortunately we ran out of natural light, so we struggled with our photos :(

After awhile, we gave up with photos, determined to have a shoot somewhere later (and warmer).

Time to revel in Lisa's pain again! Azula especially seems to be enjoying Zuzu's agony >D

After effectively removing Lisa's scar, and changing into something a bit less conspicuous in order to cross the border, we headed back to Canada :flagcanada: Our first stop? Tim Hortons. We are so stereotypical lmao

Until next time...!

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Midnight-Dance-Angel Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Cant wait to see you girls at Anime North again :) (btw, what you cosplaying so I can find you xD)
It's a surprise! We'll be posting some previews in May :D We'll give you a hint though - we're a royal family!
Hope all your cosplays are coming along nicely <3
Midnight-Dance-Angel Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oooh I look forward to it :3 Royal family, hm, quite a few possibilities there, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out - and I always find you at Anime North. Last year I think was the most Id found you. Friday, twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. (I'm getting better xD)
So far :) Most of them are pretty simple pieces this year luckily - save for my Friday night cosplay.
We'll be sure to look out for you too! It's always fun running into you <3

Ooh good luck! There's still time! (At least that's what we're telling ourselves ahaha;;;; )
(1 Reply)
Pinkiebel Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey avatar peeps! Katara from Youmacon here :D it was nice hanging with you all, and to meet other Canada cosplayers!
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